Kristi Jean

Fargo, ND, US
Field of Work 
North Dakota State College of Science
Job Title or "Student" 
Associate Professor
Georgia Tech
Chemical Engineering
Education Level 
Profile Biography 
Engineering can be fun and exciting! I chose chemical engineering because I was good in math and liked to solve problems. Notice how I didn't say I loved chemistry? Chemical engineering takes a little bit of the chemistry and then uses that information to design new products or solve problems in medicine, energy, plastics - well just about anything! College was actually fun with labs (hands-on experiments) and a tight group of friends that worked together on homework. I enjoyed it so much, I actually kept going to school until I got my PhD (doctorate) in chemical engineering. Work has allowed me to travel and work on some amazing projects (heart organ donation). I now work at a 2-year college, teaching nanoscience and designing projects to get more females into engineering and technician careers.
On the personal side, I have a fun (crazy) family that enjoys living on a lake in North Dakota. Summers days are spent on the water and nights by the bonfire (Reeses peanut butter cups are a must for making Smores). I love traveling, shoes, and cooking (always trying to copy a restaurant favorite and sometimes it works!).
If you are looking to find the right fit for your personality, contact me and I can provide a glimpse into the personal impact of pursuing a STEM-related field (engineering, technician, math). It has to be the right fit for you!
Working outdoors, Travel, Acting, Other
Race & Ethnicity 
Level of Participation 
In-school visit, Online role model
My Experience 
I have been a Role Model many times.
Career exploration activities, Field trip hosting, Fun demonstrations or materials, Hands-on activities for students
Program Affiliation 
AAUW, NGCP Collaborative FabFem

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